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We are otherwise concerned about non-audit services because of the overall economic incentives they create and because of the interdependence that develops between the auditor and the audit client in the course of the non-audit relationship.

As for Corporate they think they are above the customer. AIMR reported that "[p]otential threats to auditor independence, resulting from audit firms providing non-audit services to their audit clients [were] troublesome to many.

The Expansion of Non-Audit Service Relationships with Audit Clients Is Affecting Investor Confidence in the Independence of Auditors Recent studies indicate that there is a growing disquiet among investors and other users of financial statements about auditor independence in light of the multi-faceted relationships between auditors and their audit clients.

Because objectivity rarely can be observed directly, investor confidence in auditor independence rests in large measure on investor perception.

We must consider not whether otherwise confident investors will lose confidence in our markets, but whether there is a significant enough probability that enough investors will lose enough confidence if we fail to act.

Reputational damage will be spread across the entire firm, whereas income from the client will be concentrated in the partner and the office out of which he or she works. We have adopted other rules with a similar attentiveness to the need to sustain investor confidence in the public securities markets.

Rajashekara G, Dwivedi V. It's not hard to imagine an economic environment where firms may be more prone to pushing the envelope of reliable accounting and reporting, and that's when you would want an auditing profession possessing unquestionable independence.

Investors are more likely to invest, and pricing is more likely to be efficient, the greater the assurance that the financial information disclosed by issuers is reliable. In addition, there are more dual-career families, and audit clients are increasingly hiring firm partners, professional staff, and their spouses for high level management positions.

The independence requirement serves two related, but distinct, public policy goals. Why is unearned revenue considered a liability. And an auditor who has helped to negotiate the terms of employment for an audit client's chief financial officer is less likely to bring quickly to the audit committee questions about the new CFO's performance.

A Potential Animal Model. Our view on this point is quite different from the suggestion from the CEO of an accounting firm that we should wait to adopt restrictions on non-audit services until there has been "a train wreck or a stockmarket crash. The auditor must approach each audit with professional skepticism and must have the capacity and the willingness to decide issues in an unbiased and objective manner, even when the auditor's decisions may be against the interests of management of the audit client or against the interests of the auditor's own accounting firm.

In this instance, we believe that the indications of unease are reasonably based and thus likely to endure and increase, absent preventive action by the Commission. All the loyal customer should come together and not shop at JC Penny for one month.

Second, the great majority of companies do not purchase any non-audit services from their auditors in any given year. Past experience shows that 1. Research Activities Project 1 - Humanized Mouse Models for Vaccine/Adjuvant Research My laboratory has recently established a humanized mouse model by using a novel approach to introduce human genes encoding cytokines and HLA molecules by adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (AAV9) vector-mediated delivery.

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