Gumnami baba handwriting analysis

As per the Commission of the Inquiry Act, such reports are usually made public within six months of their submission.

On October 25,a banner headline of Naye Log, a local Hindi newspaper, screamed the question: The writers are solely responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article. Followers of at least three other deceased sadhus believe their man to be the freedom fighter living in disguise.

A museum for the baba Gumnami baba's possessions will be displayed at the Ram Katha Sangrahalaya, Ayodhya, which also displays stone carvings from the Babri Masjid site, Click here to Enlarge Two of Faizabad's controversies are set to intersect once again this year.

Many of them were those of the family of Netaji Bose. Such an investigation will have to be undertaken in the right earnest by our Government taking the public in full confidence. Her father-in-law, a respected homoeopath who passed away inhad no doubt in his mind whatsoever that the baba was none other than Netaji.

The judge further said he would produce a legally tenable report, his personal impressions notwithstanding.

Resemblance & Reality – Netaji And The Godman Of Faizabad

They find it difficult to accept his view. While countering the plane crash theory, which they had to, these people lifted arguments of Professor Samar Guha, who used to frequent Bhagwanji.

If indeed Netaji had been killed in the USSR in early s, and some agency set up fake babas early s onwards, what purpose would it have served. It was charged that the Intelligence Bureau, a bugbear in those days, was on a lookout for information related to Bose.

Those who have openly obstructed the justice can go to any extent to keep things under wraps. Click here to Enlarge Treasury officials bring out the tin boxes, unlock them and gently lay out the visual history of a man who did not want to be known. As per the Commission of the Inquiry Act, such reports are usually made public within six months of their submission.

This was like a bolt from the blue for us. From the mids tohe lived in various parts of UP in great secrecy, hidden behind a curtain most of the time. They gave out that he was Subhas Bose to their belief and knowledge. Two of these myths have been explored and found to be false.

Man of mystery

We are human, when we hear of a mystery, we would like to solve it: Lalita tried to persuade the then chief minister of the state, Vir Bahadur Singh, to order a proper inquiry, but he is said to have told her that the matter was beyond him. Lalita and two citizens then filed a suit in the Allahabad High Court, using the services of eminent lawyer Robin Mitra.

So what is it that one should look forward to in this report.

Man of mystery

The Mukherjee commission examined of them. The Rs 12 crore structure was completed last January. Within weeks of Gumnami baba's death, local newspapers in Faizabad sniffed a story, particularly as reports of the sadhu's strange personal effects came to be known.

An urban legend was born. Leela Nag, later Roy First, from Dec. Matters turned volatile when a niece of Subhas, Lalita Bose, arrived in Faizabad, where the holy man had last lived. The one person who was in touch with everyone who was related to Netaji in any way. However, it never dismissed it as incorrect or contradictory.

But in a letter written by the second RSS chief, M. Gumnami Baba is a fairly known entity in the year Citing public statements of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, the writers averred before the commission that it could only be confirmed by the agency.

Gumnami Baba is a fairly known entity in the year Willy-nilly, his tale has become one of the three most well-known postulations about what really happened to Subhas Chandra Bose. “From the morphological examination and analysis of SRY gene, mt DNA (HVS I & HVS II), and Y-STR loci in the forwarded Exhibits 1–10, it can be concluded that forwarded teeth (Exhibits 2 to 4) belong to a single human aged male individual - (alleged Gumnami Baba).

Feb 16,  · The letters were sent for handwriting analysis and the teeth for DNA test. This line of investigation ~ that is, to see whether forensic evidence corroborates witness. Bhagwanji, or Gumnami Baba, gave a hint on when he moved out of Russia and what happened thereafter.

He would once say that he was in the Russian Gulag as a. Don't know, but this Gumnami Baba apparently bore an uncanny resemblance to Netaji and his handwriting perfectly matched with that of Netaji. Infact, this Gumnami Baba, on four different occasions, is reported to have confess that he indeed was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, but he preferred to remain anonymous for the “welfare of his country”.

They arrived at this conclusion on the basis of handwriting analysis and DNA tests. Gumnami baba never claimed he was Netaji during his lifetime though speculation that he indeed was the revolutionary living in disguise, continues decades after his death.

Gumnami baba handwriting analysis
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